This week I thought I’ll post another hobby of mine. I stitched this!

I framed this and it’s now hanging on my wall. This was basically a kit with all the different color threads and needle.All you got to do is stitch!

Adorable, isn’t it?



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My Little Joys!

Hug attack!


lazy_editedToday was a good, relaxed day. Did all the grocery shopping yesterday so that my husband and I wouldn’t have to go out in this horrible winter. I stayed in my jammies and watched TV the whole day. The husband totally took over the kitchen (he usually does during weekends). Fed me with yummy food. I did draw a couple of sketches which I’ll post next week. It was also my in-laws anniversary, they have been married for 40 years!

I recently signed up for a volunteering job as a math teacher for a few third, fourth and fifth graders who needed extra help with math. I was excited as well as anxious. I have never been around so many kids, only my nieces and nephews.

What is the protocol when you meet a kid? Give them a high five or give them a handshake and say “nice to meet…

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Atlanta On My Mind!



This weekend was spectacular! I was totally frustrated with all the snow, and luckily my husband had a business trip to Atlanta.I had never visited Atlanta, so I happily (gratefully) tagged along with him. I knew he would be busy the whole time and we wouldn’t be able to go sightseeing together, but it didn’t matter. I was excited to explore the city alone!

Day 1, I just checked out the places around our hotel as we landed around midnight and was a little tired. According to me, walking is the best way to explore the city than taking the bus or train. You appreciate the place even more.

polareditedDay 2, Visited the World of Coca Cola! I must say it was an amazing place. There was a 60 minute tour and even taste tested most of the flavors (a few of them were pretty disgusting!). Met the Polar bear. Even got a…

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