Well, it’s snowing all day today ..(arrgghhh)…..So much for being all excited for spring….

Anyways, I am back to sketching which is always calming… I find these 2 drawings extremely adorable.

DUMBO the Elephant:


TINKERBELL (kid version):


I used HB, B and 4B pencils for these. I hope you smile when you look at them.

Have a wonderful day!



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It has been 2 months since I have been volunteering for an elementary school. I go there twice a week for 3 hours each to teach math for a few 3, 4 and 5 grade students who need extra help and I love it! The teachers are very kind. I was told that most of these kids have single parents or younger parents. They work multiple jobs to just get food on the table and that education is not on top of their list.

This school has been wonderful for these kids. If the student has vision problems, the school provides the kid with two pairs of glasses. During the winters here, they are provided with coats, mittens and hats. The families are provided with unperishable food items once a week, how awesome is that! What better way to give back to the community…

The school tries its best to…

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Color Pencils – DWARFS!


I have used color pencils for the below drawings. I haven’t colored in almost 15 years! I think I love painting and sketching more than using color pencils.

Like I said Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is my all time favorite story…. I have drawn, Sleepy , Dopey and Bashful Dwarf.




What do you all think? Other Disney Characters to follow…



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The Happiest Place on Earth!


Last week was M-A-G-I-C-A-L… I went to Disney World!!disney_thumb

My husband and I were going crazy with the snow and wanted some sun badly and what better place than Florida. It was my dream to visit Disney since I was maybe 9 – 10 years old. Everything about the Magic Kingdom made me feel like a kid again. It felt like the princes, princesses and fairies are all real! Snow White and the seven dwarfs is my all time favorite story.

The Festival of Fantasy Parade was amazing. If I could, I would watch it every day with the same level of excitement for the rest of my life… It was fun to watch all the kids scream with excitement when they saw their favorite characters and tell their parents that it was the best day of their life!! (Awwww).

My husband usually doesn’t like the roller coaster kind of…

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